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Finding a lead generation Service is not as easy as said, Lead generation is the process of finding, attracting, and converting internet users into business prospects in digital marketing. Email marketing, paid social media advertisements, and even giving downloaded information through a landing page are all examples of online channels, techniques, and strategies used in this manner.

Apptex IT offers Working lead generation Services for all Business categories. We have vast experience in the following Lead Generation platforms. Increase your sales funnel, Organic reach with our premium lead generation services.

YouTube advertising

YouTube has almost 2 billion users, who watch a billion hours of video every day, which results in billions of views. YouTube on mobile attracts more people around 18-49 years more than any cable network. Therefore, it's no surprise that video marketing is becoming more popular.use our Exclusive Youtube Advertising Services for faster user reach and traffic to your website.

What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube advertising is a method of promoting your video material on YouTube or in search results to increase the number of people who see it. It may mean that your video plays before another user's video or that it appears in YouTube search results for viewers to watch in full. YouTube advertising can reach the highest percentage of the population, as the site has over 1 billion users and unique visitors each month.

YouTube provides a plethora of information about people's preferences and interests, which may help you target the appropriate individuals with your YouTube ads. The reports from your advertising campaigns include information not only about your ads but also about individuals who engaged with them. You can adjust your targeting, ad scheduling, ad copy, and other settings in real-time with YouTube advertising to make sure you get the most out of your ad spend.

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Mobile App Advertising:

Brands are increasingly using mobile app advertising to reach out to customers. In 2019 mobile apps advertising exceeds television advertising. Ads and ad campaigns developed for mobile devices are referred to as mobile app advertising.

Smartphones, tablets, and wearable gadgets are examples of mobile devices. Mobile advertising can appear within applications, on mobile-friendly websites, and social networking platforms.

    Benefits of Apptex IT Mobile App Advertising Services:

  • ● Mobile Ads Reach a Larger Audience
  • ● Advertising on mobile apps is a better investment.
  • ● Capabilities for geotargeting

You're missing out on a profitable traffic stream if you haven't committed a more portion of your digital advertising budget to mobile advertisements. As everyone, regardless of age, is on their phones these days, your ads should also be there.

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Bing ads

Bing Ads is essentially Microsoft's counterpart of Google AdWords, and you can use Bing Advertisements to run ads on the Bing search network. Bing ads have attracted more audiences. Bing Ads appear at the top, bottom, or side of the search results page. Bing advertisements provide a more distinctive approach to advertising and search engines with all they have. If you want to complete the procedure without using google, utilize the Bing ads. Hundreds of companies use Bing Ads to help them develop their businesses. Bing Ads is a powerful advertising platform that delivers excellent results. The good news is that Bing Ads is still simple to set up and utilize if you're new to sponsored search.

Why should you use Bing Ads?

Disregarding Bing in favor of Google may appear to be the best decision in the short term, but it might harm your business in the long run. While Bing isn't everyone's favorite search engine, it does have a dedicated following. And if you ignore Bing in your marketing, you're missing out on these consumers. Set up a Bing Ads campaign and run it alongside your Google Ads campaign to get the most out of your PPC marketing

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Google Remarketing Service is a technique that tracks potential consumers as they navigate the internet through your google ads. A retargeting code on your website adds a person to a remarketing list when they visit. Your ad appears on another website that utilizes the Google Ad network. You may choose who sees your remarketed advertisements on Google.

Remarketing refers to advertisements or follow-up emails after you visit their website but do not purchase. However, not everyone who visits your site leaves because they are uninterested in what you have to offer. You may use remarketing to contact previous visitors, offer them a tailored incentive, and ideally turn them into buyers.

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Social Media Marketing

SMM Services is one of our core Digital Marketing Services for improving your Brand Online Visibility. The use of social media platforms to communicate with the public to grow your reputation, increase revenue, and promote website traffic is known as social media marketing. It includes generating entertaining content for your social media profiles, monitoring and participating with your audience, assessing your performance, and implementing ads. There are also a lot of online management systems to assist businesses in obtaining the most out of the best channels.

We use social media marketing strategies to promote their content to drive traffic to your websites and, ideally, sales. Social media has developed as a medium for sharing information and advertisements.

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